Special Thanks to the Rector Search Committee

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Trinitytide, 17 August 2011

Esteemed Members, Rector Search Committee:

These past seven months we have all jointly travailed through the vetting process of seven rector candidate interviews, three second interviews, interminable discussions, evaluations, analyses, polls, and eventually a vote by secret ballot. In all of this we besought the presence of the Holy Ghost to guide and direct us in our deliberations.

We achieved our mission to select a new rector via mutual civility, an open-minded approach in sharing with all, and a responsive seriousness in our deliberations. Participation and attendance was exemplary. Withal all felt the touch of the frustration of perseverance, the angst of decision, and true concern for the weight of responsibility entrusted to us.

Each and every one should be proud of all that was achieved. Your conduct was a paradigm of traditional Anglican behavior.

For my part, it was my honour and distinction to have served you as your chairman. Our parish thanks you. Our vestry thanks you. I thank you.

Yours in Christ,


Richard B. Abell

Senior Warden
Chairman, Rector Search Committee