Fr. Roddy’s September Arrival & Parish Picnic

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Trinitytide, 26 August 2011

My Fellow Parishioners:

Our new rector, Fr. John Roddy, is expected to arrive during the first week of September. He is truly enthusiastic and motivated for this his new mission. That first week will be one of introductions and familiarizations. It is anticipated that his first sermon to us will be on Sunday, 11 September.  You are more than encouraged to attend services that day.

These past several days a small committee has been arduously labouring to prepare our rectory property in both reparation and cleaning, external and internal, for Fr. John’s arrival. Much is being done. We thank them.

Withal in all of this joy and expectation, it behooves us to not be remiss in our gratitude to Fr. Thierry for all of his pastoral care and his evident passion for Christ. We owe him much, and, most thankfully he will continue to minister to us for the foreseeable future.

Sunday, 18 September, is our annual parish picnic at Fort Hunt Park.  This will be the first official function for many of us together to converse, discourse, and informally socialize with Fr. John. This will also be his first parish wide opportunity to sample the many gourmand delectable delights that we are capable of offering. All are encouraged to adjust your schedules … and your culinary skills … to come out and welcome Fr. John to true St. Andrew & St. Margaret of Scotland Virginia hospitality.  God Bless you.

Yours in Christ,


Richard B. Abell
Senior Warden