Weekly E-Bulletin, October 25, 2012

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Dear Friends in Christ,

Welcome to our newest parish family members.  Many of you already know them, but for those who still have not met them let me introduce them to you here.

They are:

  • Martha Harris
  • Clint and Solange Taylor, and their children Evangeline, Violet, and Harlan
  • Phil Buck and his son Max
  • Ena Robertson, daughter of Chele and Lydia Robertson and sister of Chris Robertson
  • Jackie Ahyi and her daughters Patricia and Amina.

If you have not met them yet please make a point to introduce yourself.

Also please remember the church clean up of building and grounds this coming Saturday.

And mark your calendars for Tuesday Nov. 6th at noon when we will conduct a morning prayer service for our nation.

Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. the Bible study is proceeding apace with our reading of The Gospel of John.  Please consider coming to one of these sessions.  This week at the morning session we were blessed with the company of Fr. Shanko and Fr. Daniel, two of our priests from Ethiopia who fled from that country after their lives were threatened by Muslim militias.

They will be frequent visitors to our parish in the months to come as I am teaching them the English  liturgy.  Presently both are fully employed in secular jobs and must work on Sundays.  If you have any ideas that might free up their Sundays let me know.  I would like to put them to work functioning as deacons for us as part of their training.

Good news on Amy Wallop Hendrickson, her gall bladder surgery was a success and there were no complications.  Please keep her and husband Ken Hendrickson in your prayers for a swift recovery.

Karen Mogen was with us in church this past Sunday and she and her Mother Catherine Mogen are making progress in their recoveries.  Catherine had a fall and Karen injured her back while assisting her mother.  Please keep both of them in your prayers.

Dusty and Ginger Rhodes also continue to improve.  Dusty broke his arm in a fall and can’t drive whilst wearing a cast.  He hopes to have it off soon.  Ginger continues to experience chronic back pain.  Please pray for them also.

John Evans is making very good progress in recovering from his heart attack and by pass surgery.  He hopes to have a hip replacement in the near future so that he may walk without crutches again.  Please pray that this happens.  john’s wife Irene Evans is doing a terrific job of taking care of John.  On my most recent visit I met their grandson Stephen, an officer with the 82nd Airborne Division just returned from Afghanistan.  He is a fine young man and gives me hope for the future of our country.

Anne Crump is fully participating in the life of the parish now and rendering her usual diligent service.  Please continue to pray for her full recovery and for the entire Crump family.

Trish Pearson is undergoing chemo treatments this week.  Please pray for her complete healing.

Your prayers are vitally important.  Please pray.

See you this Sunday,