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Rev. Fr. John Roddy, Rector

Dear All,

Lent 2014

  1. Be in church for every service, Wednesday and Friday.
  2. Observe all Wednesdays and Fridays as days of abstinence (in plain language,
    keep all meals meatless those two days).
  3. Remember that Lent is no time for parties, concerts, movie-going,
    unnecessary restaurant meals and the like.
  4. Make an extra effort to be diligent in private prayer, Bible reading, and
    cultivation of a deeper spiritual life.
  5. Special almsgiving and works of corporal mercy. Like Advent, Lent is a fine
    time for a parish food drive.

Lent is not, emphatically not, a “religious emphasis season” when we do things we
can leave behind at the end of Holy Week It is always sad to see the drop in
attendance which seems inevitable after Easter Day. Lent is a time to develop new
habits of spiritual discipline. It is a time to learn the value of keeping every Friday of
the year (save those in Christmastide) meatless, as a weekly memorial of our Lord’s
death. The habits of Bible reading and keeping a personal prayer life should take
root in our lives for the remainder of the year.

In our own spiritual poverty and blindness, we must come before our Crucified and
Risen Savior and cry out, “Thou Son of David, have mercy upon me.” In keeping a
good and holy Lent, we also may receive our sight That’s what He wants for us.

Have a blessed Lent.