Who We Are

20120818_taylor_southard180St. Andrew and St. Margaret of Scotland Anglican Catholic Church is a vibrant, growing parish within the Anglican Catholic Church located just outside our nation’s capitol in the heart of Northern Virginia.  We are your friendly neighborhood Traditional Anglican/Traditional Episcopal Parish.

In 1977, an international congress of nearly 2000 Anglican bishops, priests, and lay people met in St. Louis, Missouri, to take the actions necessary to establish an orthodox jurisdiction in which traditional Anglicanism would be maintained by returning to the fullness of the faith of the undivided Catholic Church. Acting according to the principles determined by the Seven Great Ecumenical Councils of the Ancient Church and adopting the name “Anglican Church in North America” they placed themselves under the jurisdiction of the Rt. Rev. Albert Chambers, retired bishop of Springfield.

In 1978, Bishop Chambers expanded that jurisdiction and devolved it upon others by taking order for the Consecration of four more bishops. In October of that year, the Church met in synod to adopt a formal constitution which included the change of name to the Anglican Catholic Church (ACC).

Today the ACC is a world-wide body with dioceses in the Americas, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Southern Africa, Haiti, Philippines, and India.

St. Andrew and St. Margaret of Scotland is a parish in the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic States. Our parish was established in 1996 following the merger of two Alexandria parishes: St. Andrew of Scotland, and St. Margaret of Scotland, hence the name: St. Andrew and St. Margaret of Scotland.

For more information please click here to visit the official website of the Anglican Catholic Church.

If you are searching for a spiritual home, we welcome you to join us for worship and study. You are also encouraged to call (703-683-3343) or email our rector who will be most happy to answer your questions.