Stewardship Letter, 2011

6 December 2011 anno Domini

Advent, St. Nicholas Day

My Fellow Parishioners:

Unemployment is in excess of 9%, and in reality is probably closer to 16%. The entire European financial structure is slowing down to a snail crawl. All of this will more likely than not have a dastardly impact on our own faltering economy. Inflation is quietly raising its ugly head. Wall Street is struggling with “occupiers.” Our economy appears to be going to Hades in a handbasket. Our entire financial structure could be about to implode. Fiscal Armageddon has almost arrived. And… concluding this litany of disasters, your Senior Warden is appealing for the benefits of what remains of your personal lucre! No irony here.

In a less serious vein, the Parish of St. Andrew and St. Margaret of Scotland is not immune to this distressing series of downturns. Our investments have suffered. Our weekly plate offerings have lessened. Yet we have a spiritual mission to perform in a Christian ecclesiastical world increasingly devoid of mission. Our unique Anglican Catholic Church does have purpose and meaning. Our parish is one of leading guidance for our Church. We must recognize our obligations and oblations to God.

Father John’s recent sermon on tithing is enclosed. Your opportunity to make a pledge for what you truly believe is here. Please prayerfully consider how you will meet this acid test of your faith. Give until it feels good. Your Church needs your support as never before.

Kindly return the pledge form in the enclosed envelope and send to the church office at 1607 Dewitt Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia 22301, or drop it in the collection basket, present it to Fr. John, or to the Treasurer, or to a member of the vestry.

On behalf of the vestry of St. Andrew and St. Margaret of Scotland, I thank you for your continuing support.

Laus Deo.

In Christ,

Richard B. Abell

Senior Warden