How We Worship

Worship at St, Andrew and St Margaret reflects the rich diversity of the Anglican liturgical tradition.

We use the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, Anglican Missal, and the King James Version of the Holy Bible in our worship. We have three Sunday morning services, each reflecting a different style of worship.

Our 7:45 service is a Prayer Book Holy Communion with no hymns for those who prefer a quieter, more meditative worship experience.

The 9:00 service is a Prayer Book Holy Communion with hymns, some sung prayers, an offertory by the choir, and a sermon – with Morning Prayer on the 4th Sunday of the month.

The 11:15 service is a Sung Mass with Incense according to rubrics of the Anglican Missal and includes the Aspergus before the service, hymns, sung prayers, chanted propers from the Missal, an offertory by the choir, incense and bells.

There are also opportunities for Morning Prayer, Evensong, Holy Unction, and other liturgies throughout the year.

If you are new to our parish or are unfamiliar with traditional Anglican worship, we offer a booklet, “Notes for a Newcomer,” that you can download here. (PDF – 201 kb)