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Grace and Peace be unto you. In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

In today’s Collect, God tells us that he knows all our dangers. Also, we are in the midst of them. And because we are weak in nature, we ask God to strengthen and protect us from all the dangers and temptations.

In today’s, Epistle, First, Paul tells us that “every soul” is subject to the high powers because all power comes from God and all powers are ordained from God. In essence, Paul is stating that all government authorities have the power over us and we are to obey the government authorities.

Second, to those who resist the authorities will receive the God’s condemnation because God has ordained the higher powers. Paul reasons that the rulers are in power to do good, not evil – so we must obey them and do good. But those who do evil, Paul warns to be afraid because the ministers of God/the government will execute the wrath on those who do evil.

Third, Paul also says that we ought to obey due to fear and conscience. In other words, Paul says that fear is why we must obey, but he also uses our conscience which is stronger because conscience is always with us. Lastly, we should pay the tribute or the taxes to the God’s ministers because we need to render, fear, and honor to those in charge. They provide for us protection; they provide a civil society; and they provide our want to worship the God in this earthly kingdom.

In today’s Gospel, First, the leper waits for Jesus at the bottom of the mountain because he didn’t want to disrupt Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Second, the leper also recognizes Jesus divinity by calling him Lord and worshiping him. Third, the leper didn’t ask God; he asked Jesus to heal when he said “if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean.” In other words, the leper understands that Jesus has the same divine healing as God.

Fourth, Jesus shows that he is not bound to the law when he touches the leper to heal him because the Jewish Law forbade touching lepers. Fifth, Jesus tells the leper not to tell anyone except the Jewish Priest, because without the Priest’s blessing the leper can’t go into the city. Sixth, the centurion also waited from the bottom of the mountain because he didn’t want to disturb Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount as well. Lastly, the centurion came to Jesus because his sick servant was that important for him. But notice that the centurion didn’t bring the sick servant because the centurion knew that Jesus can heal from anywhere and anytime with a word.

In sum, what is the Gospel news today? First, be patient and wait for the Lord – both the leper and the centurion waited for the Lord. Jesus can heal anytime, from anywhere, and any disease – even death. All he has to do is say the Word. Second, obey the government rulers. Most of the time, they have the best interest to help us live better lives. However, once they become oppressive or ask us to do contrary to God’s word then we can disobey their orders. And lastly, to protect ourselves from an evil government or from disease, we have to ask God to protect us from all dangers and temptations.

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost

-- Fr. Deacon Anton Yoe


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Please Help Feed the Hungry -- Updated Food Needs
Food donations are much needed. Please help this month with a food donation if you are able. Christ House is very thankful for the food we provide to them each month. Please also buy low sugar cereals (and not the kid's types that have lots of sugar).  Current needs include the following:
• canned meats (chicken, corned beef, spam)
• peanut butter
• jelly
• tuna
• canned vegetables (corn, green beans - (regular and low sodium)
• individual fruit cups (low sugar)
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• cereal (low sugar)
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• instant potatoes
• Macaroni & cheese kits
• Coffee, cooking oil, flour, sugar 

MaRIH Center  (crisis pregnancy center) Needs -- Updated
MaRIH Center with its all volunteer staff has been providing help to mothers-to-be and mothers in need.  If you can provide some of the items that are needed, please do so. (You can leave the donations where the food for the food bank is collected on the pew in the undercorft.)

Especially Needed
Baby wipes (an ongoing great need)
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Batteries (all sizes)

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