Excerpts from August 8, 1999 Trinity X Sermon  of The Most Rev. John T. Cahoon, Jr., Metropolitan, Anglican Catholic Church; Rector St. Andrew & St. Margaret of Scotland

“We are mired here in the middle of summer, but the gospel for today takes us back to the rather balmier climate of spring. St. Luke describes for us what Jesus is saying to himself as he rides into Jerusalem on the first Palm Sunday.

... Jesus rides a donkey to link himself up with an Old Testament prophecy. The prophecy said that when the true king of Israel arrived in his capital city he would be riding on an ass, not on a white horse. When the people see Jesus on the donkey, they know he is claiming to be their king.

The crowd cheers for him and waves palm branches at him, because they are sure they know what he is going to do. They knew their Messiah king would raise an army, overthrow the Romans, and restore Israel to her rightful political and military independence.

As he rides along on the donkey, in one of his displays of genuine human emotion, Jesus begins to weep over Jerusalem. He is looking beyond what is going to happen to him in the next week and ahead about forty years.

Jesus predicts that Jerusalem's enemies are going to destroy her. ..

Jerusalem's problem in the first century was that the Son of God -- the saviour for whom they had been waiting for a thousand years -- had come to them, and after they failed to recognize him they killed him.

Jesus laments, "If thou hadst known ... the things which belong unto thy peace! but now they are hid from thine eyes," and he ends by saying that Jerusalem will be destroyed, "because thou knewest not the time of thy visitations" -- they didn't know who he was when he came to them.

Now this may all sound bit removed from us .... But the point we have to remember that God treats us -- as a church and as individuals -- just as he treated Israel in the Bible. He loves us without question, but part of loving us is wanting us to grow up and see what is really going on around us and act accordingly....

Israel's foolishness came from the simple fact that they did not take God seriously enough. They tried to pretend that he was not in charge of everything that was going on in their lives, and they ignored what he had to say to them in the Scriptures and through the prophets.

We are in exactly the same position in which the people of Israel found themselves. God is continually trying to get our attention through what we hear in church and in our own private prayers and Bible reading and in the pattern of the things that happen in our lives. Are we really listening? Are we even trying?

As a matter of fact we should be more tuned into God than Israel was, because we have a significant advantage over them. Our advantage is the Holy Ghost. When we are baptized and confirmed, God comes inside us, and he lives in us by his spirit....”

All things come of thee, O Lord, and of thine own
have we given thee
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